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  • We build your Salesforce solution by providing your business on a single, secure, and scalable platform that's easy to customize and upgrade without anything breaking your current or the existing system.
  • • We extend your power to sell, service, and market with pre-integrated application and make your business a world class and best in the marketplace.
  • • Create the experience for employees need to sell faster and get more done with our Lightning platform. Proven to drive efficiency and growth, this suite of market-leading products both increases revenues and decreases costs.
  • We have a strong pool of Salesforce experts who had worked with customers from different domain and background and someone who would understand their pain points of client's problems and providing solutions tailored specific to the client need by facilitating with optimal solutions on quality and time.

Our Success Story

Our tightly couple Salesforce integration system with HR EmployEZ system which facilitate the Salesforce capabilities with HR integration by using EmployEZ system. It is used to integrate employees from EmployEZ to Salesforce and vice versa. We capture all activities done by your sales team in the activity management marketing module of Salesforce CRM so we could capture the efforts spend by your sales employees interacting with new prospect and how they go about on boarding into a prospective clients. This allows our clients to track their pipeline prospects in the Salesforce Sales modules and maintained all their contact information and later once they converted to customer it flowed into EmployEZ. By levering Salesforce marketing activity management, we capture all the activities involved with the client's such as meetings, follow up calls, emails and upcoming events and meetings etc... This help companies to track the efforts spend on converting the prospects into a customer and once they reached a certain level and the status of customer it gets automatically flowed from the Salesforce to the EmployEZ module and take it further from there.
Our mission and vision is to take the challenge heads on and integrate Salesforce with S4HANA cloud which would leverage Salesforce capabilities with SAP ERP Finance capabilities, since SAP is the pioneer in ERP space. As the world is moving towards this transformation of digital space and digital transformation in this fast paced digital disruption era these features will be dream comes true for the business and their stakeholders.
We have history of SAP experts working with us for several years facilitating clients day in and day out. Being, a SAP shop and vast expertise in SAP with blend of Salesforce experience we understand the gaps in both the system of SAP and Salesforce and bridge the gap with our tailored readymade one point of solutions to track Salesforce data of your Sales and Marketing teams with S4HANA simple logistic and simple finance so there is a streamline flow of transaction from Marketing, Sales and Finance team and reports and dashboard would be published to the management for further planning and execution.