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  • Develop And Deploy E-Forms 20x Faster
    As organizations have to protect sensitive information,
        FormsEz enables managers to provide restricted
             access to users based on their job roles.
  • Marvel Consulting Services
    We Provide Support In All Areas Of Your
    SAP Implementation Projects Focusing
    On The Utility, Public Sector
    And Manufacturing Industries.
  • Enterprise Compensation Made Easy With
    Fully integrated solution that augments
    your SAP ERP HCM.

What We Do

SAP Add-on
SAP certified
to enhance
SAP's functionalities

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Cloud Services
all the support
to get
into the cloud

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Providing end-to-end
SAP services specializing
on SAP niche skills
like HCM Cloud,
CRM etc.

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Application Development
We develop a
stunning Website
and Apps
which suits your business needs.

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Need support to implement or upgrade project?

We can help you with some of our on-demand industry solutions.

We Developed Some Awesome Products

Improve Productivity | Reduce Paper Handling & Manual Routing | Stay Organized & Improve Tracking |Protect Sensitive Information | Seamless Integration
About FormsEz

Develop and deploy e-forms easily in your SAP applications.

Go green with FormsEz and improve process efficiencies, reduce paper handling and realize cost savings.

About FormsEz

SAP Add-on

About CompEz

Be more efficient with CompEz. Develop and deploy easily in your SAP applications.

Fully integrated solution that augments your SAP ERP HCM.

About CompEz

SAP Add-on

About xtractEz

xtractEz increases the speed of extraction up to 15X faster.

Scalable and configurable to your business needs

About xtractEz

SAP Add-on

About DMMEz

DMMEz was developed exclusively to make the loading of data faster.

Rapid Data Load with SAP-Certified DMMEz Saves Time, Money and Resources

About DMMEz

SAP Add-on

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Here success stories straight from our customers

Ruth DeLost-Wylie PEOPLES Senior Vice President & CIO

“They had great technology. When we looked at it, it was solidly built. They could implement in a short amount of time, it was SAP certified.”