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EmployEz – An Ez solution to manage your workforce.

EmployEz, a cloud based workforce management solution. It gives your employees the tools they need

It helps business to be more efficient. Employees/Managers/ Administrators can benefit from timesheet, tracking expenses, vacation summary etc. It’s an end-to-end workforce application. You can subscribe to Lite or Premium.


  • Employee self-service
  • Time and Leave management
  • Sales & Recruiting
  • Immigration
  • Payroll & Invoicing

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Employee Timesheet

Maintain Timesheets
  • Flexible timesheets option are available it can be done monthly, semi-monthly and weekly. It has integrated workflow process which helps getting managers approval online.

Leave Management

Raise your Leave Request
  • EmployEz gives the employees flexible options to request the paid time off and getting their approvals. It also has email alerts based on timesheets. It gives multiple options to handle leave request
  • It comes with reports which helps you track leave requests, check calendars and alerts

Payroll System

Maintain your payroll
  • It gives you the flexible option to run payroll monthly,semi-monthly and weekly. It gives you a clear preview of the payroll being generated.
  • It comes with report which helps you get better insight on your employees pay along with its key element like regular pay,perdiem,overtime pay,loss of pay and expense

Employee Central

  • Employees can maintain their personal data, check their benefits, vacation reports and payroll.
  • EmployEz helps HR administrators to streamline their onboarding process of employees. They can easily maintain employees. It comes with standard forms which helps the onboarding process.

Purchase Order

  • EmployEz helps you gain more insight and control as it streamlines purchase order.
  • Using Employez you can maintain PO either by Time and Material or Fixed PO.
  • It comes with reports to track purchase order. It gives you a complete picture of key elements of purchase order like no.of employees working for a specific client, margin on rate and the duration of the project


  • EmployEz simplifies and speeds up invoice processing with more visibility in each step of the process
  • Invoice comes in flexible options to run by Time and Material or Fixed invoice
  • It comes with reports which gives you better insight on the invoice being generated.

Product Comparision

Lite Version

  • Employee self-service
  • Time and Leave management
  • Sales & Recruiting
  • Immigration
  • Payroll & Invoicing

Premium Version

All modules in the lite version plus the following modules .

  • Pre-hire
  • Documents Upload
  • Purchase Order
  • Invoice System
  • Reports
  • Extended Administration