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Go green with FormsEz and improve process efficiencies, reduce paper handling and realize cost savings.

Electronic Forms in SAP

Be it for maximizing investments or moving toward leaner and greener operations, enterprises are relying on technology solutions like SAP software to achieve business goals. Now, you can derive greater value from your SAP applications with FormsEz, an add-on solution that enables you to create and deploy electronic forms with speed and accuracy.

FormsEz, certified by SAP and powered by SAP NetWeaver Platform, is a proprietary solution developed by Marvel Technologies.


  • Improve Productivity & Reduce Paper Handling
  • Improve Tracking & Manual Routing
  • Protect Sensitive Information & Automatic Approval Routing
  • Seamless Integration & Easy Customization

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Improve Productivity

FormsEz provides capabilities to automate several key functions such as
  • HR processing requests
  • finance planning
  • logistics handling

Reduce Paper Handling & Manual Routing

Save paper usage by at least 80 percent by processing forms electronically. FormsEz reduces
  • paper handling
  • manual routing
  • accelerates delivery and approval cycles.

Stay Organized & Improve Tracking

Processing information electronically allows for
  • better visibility and tracking;
  • reduces errors and improves accuracy;
  • lessens the chances of losing documents and assists in complying with regulations.

Protect Sensitive Information

  • As organizations have to protect sensitive information, FormsEz enables managers to provide restricted access to users based on their job roles.

Automatic Approval Routing

  • FormsEz has capabilities for automatic approval routing and also allows checking the status of any particular form–making it easy to identify bottlenecks early in the process.

Seamless Integration

  • FormsEz seamlessly integrates with your backend SAP applications and has a dynamic user interface making it easy for anyone to use.

Easy Customization

  • Form fields are dynamic and easily customizable based on employee specific scenarios. Forms for each specific business unit and each specific activity within the business unit are done within minutes.

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